Sizing Up Affordable Email Marketing Systems

emalAs a marketing strategy for consultants, email marketing is kind of a no-brainer.

The initial investment won’t break the bank, it’s a straightforward way to get traction in the market, and it can help you find new clients.

To get started, you need an email list (even if it’s small) and ideas on how you will use and grow that list. Then, you need an email marketing system to bring it all together.

Here’s the issue: The market for email marketing systems, especially the moderately-priced ones, is so saturated that vendors are locked in an endless pricing and features war. That’s driven prices down, which we’re all happy to see. But the vendors have also made their systems almost indistinguishable from one another.

Look at the marketing claims made by email marketing system vendors. You’ll get the impression that their systems are so simple to use that Fluffy the cat could launch a customized email campaign in a matter of minutes (as long as Fluffy has a valid credit card).

The market for email marketing systems, especially the moderately-priced ones, is so saturated that vendors are locked in an endless pricing and features war.

It’s not until you commit to one of these systems that you uncover the subtle differences between them and realize how much time and effort you’ll actually have to invest in your email marketing program.

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should try out the various systems until you find one you like. Almost every vendor offers a free trial period, so there’s no financial risk.

That advice sounds good on paper, but who has time to learn the ins and outs of multiple email marketing systems?

You probably have specific needs for your email marketing system, so I’ve put together some comparisons to help you find a system that can work for you.
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Take Charge of Your Content Marketing

content marketing for consultantsNow that consumer brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Oreo have jumped into content marketing, you know that strategy has hit the mainstream.

But you probably already got the point: If it’s done well, content marketing can create a differentiated position for you in the market and help you land the work you want.

The reality we all face, though, is that it’s tough to crank out consistently good content over the long haul.

When I talk to consultants about content marketing, what they say sounds like this:

“I know I should devote more time to it. But there’s barely enough time in the day to take care of my client work, manage short-term business development, and run my business. When there is a window of time to develop content for marketing, it can be overwhelming to start and finish it before I’m pulled in another direction.”

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One Twitter Feature You Should Use

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How Secure Is Your Web Site?

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Get Un-Busy


When I ask most people, "how's business?" they usually say something like, "I'm totally slammed," or "I'm crazy busy." They give the impression that, unless the earth stopped rotating on its axis, it would be unthinkable to squeeze anything else into … [Continue reading]